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Dancing Cactus

Inbuilt with a battery that lasts for hours! The talking cactus is exactly what you need to keep your kid busy, especially on the weekends. Dancing cactus toy knows more than 100 songs and is also a master at dance moves.
What else can it do? It can teach your kid dance moves quickly.

Keeps the kid engaged

dancing cactus toy

Kids are never bored of it

Perfect gift

singing cactus

Comes with more than 10 songs


Plug and play with no battery issues

talking cactus

Suitable for Kids

About Us

A kid’s playtime should be about fun and adventure which is exactly what a dancing toy offers. With his party moves and music sounds kids are always amused by the toy.
We believe that during a kid's learning and development phase, he should have exposure to such interactive toys.
Keeping this in mind we started this singing cactus brand, now we can proudly say that parents are proud to have our toy at home. But we don’t stop here as we will continue to launch some exciting toys for kids to enjoy their playtime.